Absolutely! There will be workshops and people to help with the technical elements. Plus, a team needs more than just coders! Designers, environmentalists, business-minded individuals, and so on are equally as important. 

Yes! You do not need to be a native speaker, and English fluency will not be a factor in the judging process unless it hinders the judges’ abilities to understand your product and pitch. Bear in mind, however, that workshops will be hosted in English, and your final submission should be in English. 

Definitely. The Hackathon is hosted entirely online so you will be able to connect with us anywhere in the world. Please do check that you are aware of possible time conflicts due to different time-zones.

Yes. We will group you with other participants based on your skill level and interests, which you will indicate to us via a form sent out after sign-ups close. Simply sign yourself up for now! 

Please sign up individually via our sign up page for now. We will send out information that allows you to indicate your team members soon after sign-ups close. 

During the Hackathon period, participants will be invited to join our workshops and talks, hosted by various experienced professionals from WWF, Microsoft, COBO academy, and so on. Participants will then be formally introduced to our competition theme as well as grading criteria, and given time to brainstorm, design, and create! The final submission will then be sent to our judges, who will determine our winners. 

We definitely understand that students have a lot of activities and work going on, so attendance for workshops will not be mandatory. However, we would strongly encourage that you have at least one team member join each workshop, as they are all great opportunities to hear from some really interesting people with a lot to offer! There will also be workshops pertaining to design thinking and ideation that were created to support teams in developing their solutions, which we would suggest all participants attend. More details will follow as we draw nearer to the starting date. Some of the workshops will also be recorded, so you and your team can watch them afterward if you would like. 

The theme that you see right now (environmentalism and sustainability) is a general umbrella term for what the official theme will be based on. When the event is launched, all participants will be introduced to multiple specific thematic tracks that they can choose to target through designing their final product. It is expected that participants follow the theme we design and the problem we pose to them. 

The prizes are currently stated as cash values. This is because we are unsure what the size of the winning teams will be and what they might like as a prize. When the winners are announced, the teams will be able to propose to us their preference for what they would like for a prize. Note that the stated prize amount will be evenly split between the team members, no matter how many people there are in that team. Special prizes will be determined using separate methods and will be given to individuals instead.