Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm not an experienced programmer. Can I still join?

Absolutely! We'll be running workshops on programming throughout the week for all experience levels, and we'll have mentors available to help. Plus, a team needs more than just coders! Designers, environmentalists, and others are equally important.

I don't know English that well. Can I participate?

Yes! Being a native English speaker is not a requirement to join, and it won't factor into judging. However, note that our workshops will be in English, and your final submission should be in English.

Do I have to be in Hong Kong to join?

No! CISxIdeas Hackathon is open to student teams from around the world, joining us online. Our workshops and events will be scheduled in the Hong Kong time zone, so you may want to consider that before joining.

I'm not part of a team. Can I join?

Please do! We'll group individuals into teams based on your interests, which you'll be able to share with us after you join. Don't worry about finding a team!

I already have a team. How can we join?

Registration opens Fall 2021. You'll each join our online event individually, then we'll let you share your list of team members with us to participate as a team.


How does the hackathon work?

The goal of a hackathon is to collaborate with a team to create a project in a short period of time. You'll join as a team or be assigned to one after joining, and work together during the week to make something cool.
Throughout the week, we'll be hosting workshops, where you can learn about different strategies around programming, business, and marketing. We'll also have mentors available to help if you have questions or run into issues.

Do I have to join workshops and other events?

Attending events will not be compulsory, but we strongly encourage you to join as much as possible to expand your experience and learn skills that will help you in making your project. If you have conflicting events, you'll be able to rewatch recordings of select workshops.

What is the hackathon theme?

We'll soon be announcing the theme for this year's hackathon. We'll introduce participants to our theme and focus areas during the event, and your project should aim to solve a problem in the area.

How will prizes be distributed?

A panel of judges will judge each project in different areas, and the best projects will win prizes. There will also be special prizes, which we'll discuss during the event. Prizes will be announced soon.

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