Congratulations to making to the last day of daily puzzles! And enjoy your sports day! If you ever desire some intellectual challenges alone side the physical ones, feel free to solve these puzzles. As always, just like any of the sports events, you will get 10 house points for solving any of the problems.

Question A – Fun math

What is the next arrangement, expressed in a number?

Hint – it’s not an IQ test, so don’t think too hard.

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Questoin B – Logic

Assume you know the following relationships:

  1. If it is cloudy today, Ken feels sad.
  2. If Ken feels sad, he will play computer games for a whole day.
  3. If Ken plays computer games for a whole day, he will eat a lot at dinner.

You know that Ken plays computer games for a whole day today, which of the following statements can be TRUE?

  1. Today is cloudy.
  2. Ken feels sad today.
  3. Ken eats a lot at dinner.
  4. All of the above

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