Online, May 27— June 4, 2023

A free online hackathon for secondary students

We're a group of Chinese International School students that set out to provide a hackathon experience for students around the world. We invite secondary and high school coders, designers, and entrepreneurs to join our hackathon and create a solution to solve a global issue.


Get the skills you need to build your solution with hands-on workshops and sessions from experienced industry professionals in technology and design.


Win exclusive prizes ranging from hardware to gift cards by creating a high-quality solution that targets our 2023 theme and impresses our judges.


Join our weekly challenges to test your STEM skills, solve complex problems, and compete against others for prizes. Top the monthly leaderboard to win a gift card.


From marketing to technology, the CISxIdeas team works hard behind the scenes to make sure everyone has a great hackathon experience—and has fun.


Have a question about joining the hackathon or how it's all going to work? Learn more about hackathons, this year's theme, and the schedule. Or reach out directly if your question isn't already answered.


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